I Will Tell My Story #1 Freedom Is Green

I am a libertarian environmentalist.

I am proud to have pioneered Australian style tree plantings with Earth conscious people in Indonesia.

Perhaps Teddy Roosevelt was a pioneer of this outlook where conservatism is conservationist, as it should be. Margaret Thatcher, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Richard Nixon all contributed.

Creation is a gift we must look after.

With thanks and awe.

Geoff Fox, 23 August, 2022

Memorial Tree #1 Anne Bayton

On June 18 2022, Archbishop Philip Freier and horticultural enthusisast Bishop David Farrer took the spiritual business of celebrating the life of a great Anglican very seriously.

Here they do so by overseeing the planting of a memorial tree for Anne Bayton at Saint Peter’s Eastern Hill Church.

The right tree in the right place is always good for our Mother Earth.

To whom most of us return.

Through God Our Creator and The Holy Spirit.

For Christ’s sake.


Geoff Fox, 20th June, 2022, Melbourne