Foliage For Freedom #1

PainterPainter is a gifted Mrelbourne street artist whose life has given her a passionate commitment to the pursuit of moral truth.

The world needs more people like her. In hardship and facing injustice she makes great art.

Australian folk hero Ned Kelly was perhaps somewhat similar.

He was persecuted by Victoria Police.

His last words before execution by hanging are reported to have been, “Such is life.”

Geoff Fox, 9th July, 2021, Terra Nullius

Rationality For All

Destroying your own home is madness.

So why do men and women do that?

Can we change?

Are ancient rationalities the key?

Geoff Fox, Terra Nullius, 22 February, 2021


Ancient Rationalities can make us sane again.

It’s incremental health.

Modernist pretenses (that we can control all things) divorce us from ourselves.

If we go back, where we’ve come from, we can get well.